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Romwe's Halloween Sale -Shopping Bag

Hi, lovelies! Remember my post about ROMWE's big Halloween Sale HERE? Well, I just want to share what I got from them. :) 

Let me start with this Starry Night Leggings that I've been eying to have the past weeks. And finally decided to purchase one. ;) I just hope I've chosen the right size :P
And next to my list is this Mimetic Buskin Jacquard Weave Tights which I found really cute to pair up with most of my not-too-short-for-me-dresses. Haha! Well, let's see how this will end up to be. :)

So next is this Leather-look Slim Shirt, I think I'm so into leather clothing lately, have you noticed it? Well, you will on my future posts. :) This is so damn awesome! And  I got it for only $23.87 because it's 50% off from the original price! I just hope I won't end up not having this :( Because my order is still on the process and sometimes I end up having a refund because of the out-of-stock issue. Wish me luck! 

And last on my bag is this Mesh Montage Split Black Shirt which is not actually included in the Halloween sale, too bad yet it's fine because I really love this one. The details is just so amazing! :) Can't wait to wear them, I think they still have 47 units in stock as of this very moment. Feel free to grab your own! :P 

And that's all what I have for now but looking forward to a more shopping galore at ROMWE because I will never have enough of them :) They always offer a discount codes plus have a lot of items on sale! Amazing it is! :)

So for now lovelies enjoy their Halloween sale which is until November 1st! Go here  http://www.romwe.com/Happy-Halloween-Sale-c-182.html for the selected items on sale! :)


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