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Another Case is a shop dedicated for quality iPhone cases: slim stylish and unique. It is own by Ms. Madeleine, an artist, designer and a philosophy student. 

She run this shop together with her husband and they try to come up with the things that inspire them, just like:

  • Beautiful colors and minimalist graphics; 
  • Quotes from great books, movies, and people;
  • Cool travel destinations and vintage pictures; 
  • Masterpieces of art and powerful ancient symbols;
  • Plus a bit of fun and a lot of love!

And please be reminded that they ship WORLDWIDE! :)
I got these 3 lovely iPhone 4 cases from them and no worries to those who own iPhone 5 because they already have cases for that iPhone, too! Nowadays, dressing up our phone is already part of the fashion industry, agree? For me, changing my iPhone case depends on my mood but most of the time depends on what I'm wearing. It seems that it's part of our overall outfit. Hehe! Agree with me? Oh come on! It wouldn't take a lot of dedicated online shops for iPhone cases if it's not somehow true. :) 
Take a closer look of each one of them :)
I just love the simplicity of this case and the saying, this is so me! Haha! "Yesterday you said tomorrow". I'm that type. Hehe! Sssshhh.
And this stripes case is so lovely and you know green is my favorite color so I should have this case. :) Love the green apple logo.
And this pink aztec pattern case is so girly and cute. Don't you ever think otherwise. :P
Well these cases are all beautiful in their own way. I love them all. I like how slim and lightweight they are plus they are forged from high grade hard plastic. These cases are durable, with long-lasting imprint & vibrant colors. They fit my phone perfectly! :)
For more designs, why don't you look over their shop HERE. I'm sure you'll be fond of their products, too.

Visit Another Case now. :)

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