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Hi, lovelies! How's November so far? I hope it's passing by oh so great for everyone. :) Let me just share my latest stylish Loop Micro Usb & Apple iPhone/iPod Cable that I bring with me all the time with style. I got them from MOHZY
About the shop:
MOHZY was born from two passionate designers in 2010. Our vision; simplicity, playfulness, and discovering new ways of making the ordinary, out of the ordinary. This focus on smart products has blossomed into something more than purely a product brand; an online space to share our products, and other products from around the world we think you might like.
This micro USB & Apple iPhone/iPod cable of MOHZY  combines fashion and utility into 1 simple product for most Apple iPhones/iPods, Android smartphones, and Blackberry devices.

  • Apple Adapter: Available (micro USB to Apple Dock Connector)
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS 
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhones/iPods, Android smartphones, and Blackberry devices with Micro USB connector 
  • Connector Type: Micro USB to USB 
  • Dimensions: 23 x 1.2 x 1.0 cm 
  • Weight: 18g
This product charge & transfer data on your iPhone or other mobile devices.
  • The loop cable provides battery charging and data transfer for all Micro USB devices such as smartphones, mp3 players, bluetooth, and GPS devices.
Apple Adapter
  • With the official licensed Apple Adapter you will also be able to charge your Apple products such as iPhone, iPods, and iPad with the same cable.  
Flat hassle free cables
  • The flat profile of the cable allows for easy storage in your purse or bag without worry about it getting tangled in with all your other stuff.
Clip photos & business cards
  • Hidden magnets inside the cable let you clip the cable onto any metallic surface like a cubicle wall, computer tower, or fridge.The magnets also transform your cable into a loop that can be worn as a bracelet or hooked onto a bag for easy transportation
So don't you find it very useful with style? And let me say that it's available in multiple patterns and colors that will satisfy all personalities and taste. I'm sure you'll find something that will surely fit your style.

I Like:
  • They have a lot of design.
  • Very handy & stylish.
  • Can use as a bracelet or sling it to your bag :)
I Dislike:

  • Well, just one it's too short so when you will use your gadget while charging you need to stay close, nevertheless, it's made that way so I approve! Especially for using it as a bracelet! lol.  :)

And, lovelies, better keep one for yourself and even gift another to a friend. This one is really fantastic. Go grab yours HERE. 

Visit  WWW.MOHZY.COM and browse some other fantastic products from their shop! :)

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  1. looks like candy! will do check out more of their designs. I want a pink one!


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