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Mineral Hygienics. It's been tested. It's been proven. A natural cosmetic that will trump anything you've ever used! Guaranteed! 
I stumble on their website a couple of months ago and I'm really interested on trying out their products. Then I was so damn lucky to have the chance of testing these products of Mineral Hygienics.

Their shop mission is to be the premier cosmetic manufacturer focusing on using natural products to promote health. They use natural ingredients to develop superior cosmetics that meet and exceed customer expectations we will not compromise on quality.
They sent me 3 shades of  Sheer Foundation which are in Light, Fairly Light and Medium Light and they include one finishing powder and a bronzer.  Plus a full coverage kabuki brush.
What to expect on their Sheer Foundation?
  • Super Lightweight
  • 100% Pure Minerals
  • Lasting SPF Protection
  • Water & Sweat Resistant
  • Fewest Amount of ingredients
  • Gives Skin Natural Luminosity
  • Specially Designed for Sensitive Skin
  • Won't settle into fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps protect skin from Oxidative Stress
As I've said, along these sheer foundations are  a finishing powder and a bronzer.
I've got the finishing powder or the sheer perfection in Silk Translucent. These are the final step to a beautiful you. This will leave you with a perfectly airbrushed look. This absorbs excess oil from your skin.

And the mineral enhancer I've got is the Cool Kiss which is just good on fair to light complexions.It's a softer touch of sun and shimmer.

  1. Recommended Brush: Deluxe Flat Top Buffer or Light Coverage Flawless Face
  2. Prepare the brush by swirling and setting the minerals just as you do for the foundation. Lightly dust or brush the minerals onto your face, cheeks, shoulders, or go all over the place for an all over sun-kissed look that wil bring your skin to a healthy glow.
And please be reminded of these benefits you can get from Mineral Hygienics.
Mineral Hygienics is the most natural cosmetic a woman can wear. They are loose powders formulated from crushed minerals extracted from the Earth with no fillers added.
  • Does not contain harmful chemical additives, harsh dyes, or man-made fragrances– thus limiting the risk for skin allergies
  • Completely free of irritants.
  • Non-organic, inert materials don’t allow mold or fungus to grow.
  • Ingredients adhere to the skin’s surface and are not absorbed.
  • Natural ingredients are recognized by our bodies.
  • Synergistic blends capable of replenishing, revitalizing, and protecting skin.
  • So gentle on the skin.
  • 100% chemical-free natural protection from the sun’s damaging rays.
This mineral hygienics  kabuki brush enables wonderful converage. It is firm, yet exceptionally soft. The round tapers float gently across your face to provide even, full coverage. This brush is a necessity for everyone, from the first-time user to the professional Makeup Artist. Now with a convenient handle for easier application. 
Here's the quick 'n easy application:
  1. When first learning how to blend your minerals, the Light coverage flawless face brush may be preferred over the Kabuki brush. The flawless face brush will not release as many minerals as the Kabuki brush, making it easier to achieve a perfect blend.
  2. Use the kabuki brush when more coverage is preferred. The kabuki brush releases more minerals with fewer brush strokes to provide maximum coverage.
Here's the swatches:
Can you see the dividing line? Wherein the left part is without the foundation and the right part does have sheer foundation.
What I love in these products of Mineral Hygienics are they blend well in my skin, it's nice that they have 14 perfect shades for everyone to choose from and the shades that I've chosen are just right for me, it matches my skin tone just so well. I love how flawless my skin are after applying these foundation and it doesn't even give me that sticky feeling unlike the other foundation out there. And I like the effect of looking like I'm not wearing a makeup at all because its very lightweight though given that effect, it still gives me a long lasting coverage and in addition it lets my skin breathe.

Mineral Hygienics keeps your skin looking beautiful all day long... no need for constant touch-ups!

Have you tried  these products already? I would love to hear from you, dolls. 
Just leave a comment below. I'll appreciate it, big! :)

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