SM Accessories' Reveals the Supreme Four


Finally the long wait is over! After those lot of teasers I posted before, here comes the final revelation of who's the four SM Accessories Brand Ambassadors! And they are no other than Georgina Wilson, Xian Lim, Richard Gutierrez, and Anne Curtis.

And take a look at the reveal video below:
The biggest celebrities have already been spotted with SM Accessories! It's your turn to get spotted, with the leader and the authority in fashion accessories! Visit them at all SM Department Store nationwide. 

Lovelies, you can also get more of what's new and get a chance to win up to 100k from SM Accessories by following them on Twitter (@SMAccessories). Don't forget to include the hashtag #FashionAuthority.

Because you already know who the supreme four are, let us give you a coup d'oeil of their lovely collection! I know how excited you are because I am, too! 
Woah! Ladies' Collection are awe-inspiring! Go ladies and grab your own dose of these accessories. And so as the Men's Collection! Go gentlemen, shop for these awesome accessories. ;)

Keep visiting SM Accessories facebook page to keep you all updated always. ;)

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