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Hi, dolls! Have you ever wanted to make your own eye shadow palette? Your own preferable colors in one palette? Just so you know, Suesh Cosmetics can make it happen.

Suesh Cosmetics was established in February 2006 with the love and desire of three sisters for makeup. Holding a certificate on Chief Trainer’s Training in Skin Care from Tokyo Japan, a certificate of Cosmetology in the Center of Aesthetics Studies (CAS), and being the Chief Makeup Artist for one of the top 3 Japan makeup brands, these proprietors know what makeup is all about. We also recently completed certificate courses in one LA’s top makeup academy.
With their now more than 100 eye shadow/contour palettes to choose from, you can make your own in an easy way. Bring all your favorite shades in ONE PALETTE. 
Lemme show you the palette they sent me a couple of weeks ago.
The colors on this palette are very random and can be use in every different occasions or moods. Neutrals and bright colors in one palette, fantastico! Bring it with you all the time and it will never let you down whether to a day errands or a night-out with your girls. Can you see the do good of this product from Suesh Cosmetics?
So lemme show you now how's the trick. The first thing you'll do is to choose your preferred color palette (3, 6, 8, 10 & 20 color palette) and you can choose between plastic or aluminum magnetic palettes. Then choose your preferred eye shadow HERE.
See how you can put your eye shadow in the color palette, you can rearrange them on whatever you want. There's the magnet to be placed on the base of your eye shadow to keep them in place of your color palette.
And let's go back to the eye shadow shades that I received. Here's the swatches. The first two light shades and the pink one are more of a matte eye shadow while the remaining are the shimmery one. With these two types of eye shadow, we can combine them to achieved that attractive look we always aim for. I can say that the matte one are not that pigmented than the others but hell say hello to eye primers, right? :) 
With these lovely colors combined in one, I shall savour this palette. Bravo to  Suesh Cosmetics! High quality products are found on their shop. To those starter and pro make-up artists, you should check out this shop. They have a variety of make-up products to choose from. 

Visit their shop:
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  1. Hi Jen! This palette looks great! How much did you get this for? By the way, I enjoyed walking through your blog! New follower here! :D

    Let's support each other!


    1. Hi Jem!

      They really are! :) This are sent for review but you can see here >>
      the price, it depends on what empty palette you'll choose. :)



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