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Puerto Rico tours are the dream fodder for holidaymakers from all over the world. It quenches the travel bug in all aspects-whether it is culture, historical references or wild life or river rafting expeditions. It is a treasure trove for families and solo tourists. It can be a wonderful tryst with natural bounties like coral reefs, tropical fish of the Caribbean and misty dales and hills. Watch rare birds flying round the harbor and listen to the coqui frogs singing.

If these sounds exciting may we propose a fantastic journey for your body, mind, heart and soul?

Bio Bay Kayak Tours Puerto Rico Bio Bay Kayak Tours

Encompassing the splendors of the Ancient Island and blue green sea, there are a wide variety of niche trips available as package deals with transportation, hotels and sight seeing options. Let’s begin the passage with the fabulous San Juan tours, which contains the labyrinth of street mazes full with shopping and eateries. Sight seeing for a quick one-day trip or a leisurely three hours excursion, one can easily glide into a hired car and appreciate the wonders of the old and new town. Visit the Capital building, San Cristobal Fortress, Governors Mansion and the seductive shopping district. The old town has layers of mystery to be uncovered. Walk on the ramparts of the El Morro fort. By the day learn about its culture and traditions. As the guide gives the historical account, imagine what it must have been like when the soldiers marched those very steps. If you are spending the night about town, be one among the feisty crowds, enjoy local meals. Watch a slice of their life as they unwind with salsa beats.

A trip to the rain forest is a must. The El Yunque rain forest tours are the highlight of many travelers coming to Puerto Rico. The legend of the Yuquiyu spirit is the perfect bait to see its abode at the mountaintop. He guards the local citizens overlooking the panorama below. Admire the beautiful landscape in its pristine vegetation. The rain forest is home to nearly 240 species of flora and fauna, breathtaking waterfalls and wild animals. It is a perfect hiking place for the sports enthusiasts. Nature lovers can marvel at the giant ferns, flowers and the northeast coast. Carry the camera and roam around as a free spirit. Go paddling the Bioluminescent Lagoon; glide the coves and inlets with special package of Bio Bay Kayak Tours. It is simply irresistible to rafting lovers.

Back in town opt for an extended SJ tour itinerary. It boasts of the Spanish old city with blue cobblestones. Combine the trip with the intoxicating Bacardi tours. If you already love those pegs of Bacardi rum then it will be befitting to see the world’s largest rum distillery here. Yes, they also give samples and you can take home a few liquor bottles. If your stay is longer in Puerto Rico, try the Ponce Tours to the second largest city of Ponce also called the Southern Pearl. A trip to the museum, Tibes ceremonial Park makes it a complete Puerto Rican tour.

Enchanting tours to Puerto Rico includes exciting El Yunque, bio bay kayak, Ponce and Bacardi. Visit VIP taxi PR to know how to reach these places with easy conveyance.

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