L-R (Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry & Kristen Stewart)

Crop top sensation isn't over yet! Well, I've searched for some inspirational look and I came up with my top three on the picture above. :D A crop top with a maxi skirt? A mini skirt? Or a high-waist pants? Well, peg ko lahat! Haha! But I prefer Kristen's outfit more because I love how sexy her crop top is when paired with that high-waist trousers

When you're baring your midriff, it can be tricky sometimes and unflattering but the goal of this trend is not to showcase your belly button but rather just expose a little sexy part of your midriff. And take a note to keep your navel unexposed to  maintain a sophisticated appearance. 

But hey love! Are you on the go to follow this trend? Well! Well! Well! Let me just remind you to work out that tummy of yours! Haha! Time to hit the gym or do some crunches at home for a hundred percent achievement of this kind of look! Of course who would like to expose your midriffs if you have some layering of fats out there? hahaha! *Ehem* I better start doing some crunches, srsly. :P


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