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Hi, dolls! It's the time of the year na and we should make the most of 2012! As for me, I'm glad to have this MOI Cosmetics 88 Marble Palette from MOI Cosmetics PH with me to help me achieve that awesome eye make-up always. :) This actually is my first ever 88 Eye Shadow Palette and lucky me that the shades are so into my style because it is packed  of full 88 matte, shimmer and marble eye-shadows.
Take a look at it:
These are my everyday shades! Very me = Neutrals.
And here's some swatches of this palette. It's from the bottom row shades.
Personally, there's a lot to love on this palette. First is, it has a variety of shades that we'll all love. Secondly, I love how pigmented this eye-shadows are, most of these will only took you one swipe and the color is very much visible and ready to blend with the other. And as I have mentioned blending, it's the third thing I love about this product, it blends so nice with the others. 
The swatches doesn't have primer at all but as you can see the colors are very vibrant though using a primer will add more vibrancy to the eye-shadows. I always use THIS eye primer and honestly they goes well together! And it's also good to know that this last longer than I thought. 
I highly recommend this marble palette to you, lovelies!

Where to find?



  1. marble eyeshadows look so lovely :) the some of the shades are quite pigmented too, i really like the colours :)

  2. Daming colors!! WOW! And great pigmentation pa :) Good find, Jen!

    Followed u na!

  3. wow..
    there are so so many colors! i feel like coloring something.. LOL

    The Sweetest Escape 


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