Review: REVLON Photoready™ Eye Primer + Brightener


When did I last blog a make-up product review? It seems a long time ago! Haha! Anyway, I'm here now to brighten up the last days of your 2012. For sure, most of us are on the most zombified state of being due to the holiday season, right? Christmas rush plus late night sleep isn't a good thing. Well, for me I'm actually a vampire *blinks* because of my sleeping habit and that just means hello to the bag or dark circles under my eyes. For now, worry no more because there's a REVLON Photoready™ Eye Primer  Brightener for us to use. 
What does REVLON says about this product?
 Revlon’s primers are lightweight primers that soften skin and diffuse light to help minimize flaws and even out skin texture. It creates a perfect canvas so that your foundation will glide on more evenly and smoothly. Primers can be worn alone or under foundation, and are oil free, talc free, fragrance free, paraben free.  
  • Try Revlon PhotoReady™ Perfecting Primer to soften skin, reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, and smooth skin texture and tone.  - Try Revlon PhotoReady™ Color Correcting Primer to brighten skin and neutralize redness while evening out uneven skin tone.
  • Try PhotoReady™ Eye Primer + Brightener to smooth and brighten eye area. Use anywhere on face as a brightening ‘pick me up’!
This product comes in a click style pen in which I fell in love with! It's very easy to use, just twist the bottom part and wait for the primer+brightener to comes out of the brush, mind you it took quite long to appear on the first time of use. 
I love the color which is somehow a nudy pink then disappears after it is spread out. I do love this as a brightener though it's also a good primer.
What I love about this:  
  • The packaging :P
  • It's Click Style Pen Applicator
  • A good primer, it really does smothens my lids
  • Easy to blend
  • A little amount is enough to brighten up your eyes
  • Really works well with the dark circles under my eyes
  • Creamy
And what I hate about it: 
  • Nothing in particular. :D
Revlon PhotoReady™ Eye Primer + Brightener Gently apply around eye area to instantly brighten and rejuvenate. Use on lid so eye shadow lasts and does not crease, or under eye to counteract dark circles and prep for concealer.
So overall, I'll recommend this product for everyone to try, we may have different views on it but as for me it's already a good choice because it really brighten up the area around my eye and a good primer as well that holds my eye shadow for a long period of time. This item will always be on my usual make-up kit, no need for a brush because it has it's own, fantastic, isn't? :D

Anyway, have you ever used this product? I would love to hear you, share your thoughts about it. :) 

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  1. Revlon is the cosmetic brand that I love. I've been using many products from this brand including the eye primer.


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