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Summer is somehow approaching though it is quite cold here in the Philippines the past few days as in cold but no snow at all. Hehe! Even though the weather is a bit different let's prepare ourselves for the Summer heat! Shall we? Haha! Okay, let me now feature these perfect sunglasses from FLY Shades' latest collection. I've received these as a gift from them and all these sunnies are just so me! 
Let me show you a closer photo of each one of them but please bare with my camera. Haha! The color may vary from the actual one. :)

This shades seems the simplest among all and perfect for a pa-demure look. haha! The actual color of this is much more like the first photo rather than the second because it seems to reflect on the background that's why it appears a bit pinkish in color.

This next one can be my everyday sunnies because of its color, black. It won't let you down, ever. And the shape of this one is quite unique for me. I love it! Seriously, It's hard to pick which among these shades are my favorite! Haha! Hard time! 

I find it hard to detect the color of this aviator or I'm just color blind but I know it's pinkish in color! Haha! I'm actually glad to own this one because most of my shades are in color black so hello girly girl me with this shades. :) 

I super love this one! I like the details on its side which has a rectangular gold that gives a little sophistication when wearing this. 

Oh as the name of this shades you know well how fabulous this one is! Very gossip girl ang peg! Just look at how great the color of the eye wire/rims is? And I like it that the temple color is silver then temple tips has the same color of the eye rim, talk about balancing? And the result is a oh so perfect shades!  This will surely give an "oomph" on your Blair-Inspired outfits. :)

And lastly, this round shades is the unique among all. I'm glad that it's not so big, just the right one for me. I'm not actually into big round glasses because I definitely have a chubby cheeks. Haha! And they said if you have a round face, you should go for frames whose lenses resembles more of a square or rectangle than a circle. But  this shades actually is fine with me and I love the color demi brown somehow.  
Overall, I love these collection! They are so unique on their own way, I'm happy that they sent me shades in different colors, perfect for mix and matching. You'll surely see these shades on my future outfits! You better check out their latest collection, lovelies! Anyway, which of these six are your favorites by just seeing them through this post? I would love to hear from you. :)

You can check and LIKE their FB Page FLY Shades for daily updates of their collections and they also have this thing called "Fan Of the Month" in which you will have the chance to win a pair of FLY Shades!! Go check their page HERE now to know more!

Go HERE for a list of FLY Shades Branches.


  1. wow sis perfect for summer tamang tama :)) thumbs up sa laura :)

  2. Hi there) I like your blog very much. I would be happy to be friends with you. Could we follow each other?

  3. Omg these are all amazing can I have the Laura and Blair? ;p

  4. I wanna have the IVA and BLAIR! They are some kind of a cutie~


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