Kerastase Paris Cristalliste, The Best-Kept Secret For Shiny Hair


KÉRASTASE PARIS, the “hair and scalp expert since 1964” unveils Cristalliste, the best-kept secret for hair that shines bright from roots to tips.
Hair that sparkles like crystal, weightless as light—the KÉRASTASE PARIS Cristalliste is enriched with the Liquid Light Complex, cleaning and purifying the hair’s roots, polishing the hair’s dry ends and enhancing its natural glow and shimmer. The result is hair that is feather-light and smooth, cascading down in a flowing manner, with luminous shimmer caused by the refraction of light from one hair fiber to the other.
KÉRASTASE PARIS Cristalliste’s Liquid Light Complex lends its magic to an entire range of products that bathes, treats and re-stages hair with a shiny, weightless finish.

BAIN CRISTAL Luminous Perfecting Shampoo
(For fine and thick hair types: 250 ML - Php 1,200.00)
  • Leaves hair clean, luminous and free-flowing
  • Ultra light consistency doesn’t weigh down hair
  • Cleans hair and gives its proper treatment
  • Adds noticeable shimmer to the hair
  • Hair is a breeze to detangle
  • Suitable for fine and thick hair types
LAIT CRISTAL Luminous Perfecting Conditioner
(For dry lengths or ends: 200ML - Php 1,693.00)
  • Equipped with natural moisturizing action
  • Gel-like consistency feels light to the touch
  • Hair feels soft, smooth and weightlessly light
  • Silky hair is left fresh and fluid
  • Hair is a breeze to detangle
  • Suitable for fine and thick hair types
LUMIERE LIQUIDE Luminous Perfecting Essence 
(For dry lengths or ends: 50ML - Php 1,300.00)
  • Multi-luminous micro-particles & smoothing agents suspended in an ultrafine evanescent fluid
  • Ideal caring dosage
  • Ultra-luminous glow finish
  • Intense reflection without any greasy effect
  • Fresh & airy touch
  • Pure, fluid, defined hair
To avail of the new CRISTALLISTE line, visit your nearest Kérastase Paris salon. For more information, visit the official Kérastase Paris website at or call the Kérastase Paris hotline at (02) 672-7200.

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