Review: REVLON Age Defying With DNA Advantage™ Concealer


Oh hello, Friday! I hope everyone had a great week, mine though was fine, just the usual. Remember my review about REVLON Photoready™ Eye Primer  Brightener HERE? Well, today I'm up for the review of this REVLON Age Defying With DNA Advantage™ Concealer. Are you the type who always conceal those dark circles under your eyes and pimple marks? Of course most of us would want that. In my case, being up late at night almost every night causes eye bags and pimples on some part of my face. :( I really hate pimples, especially the marks it leaves. They really frustrates me, so I'm glad I have this powerful concealer on my beauty items. :)
What does REVLON says about this product?
  • Targets under eye puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Won’t settle into skin creases 
  • Hydrates and brightens for a revitalized look 
  • Use with Cream Makeup for the ultimate protection against the signs of aging.
Concealer + powerful anti-aging skincare targets:
  • Under-eye puffiness 
  • Dark circles 
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
The first this I noticed about this product is its packaging! It's just so cute and that touch of red, I love! Its sponge tip applicator is simply the best, making it easy for me to apply the concealer anytime. And oh this comes into 4 shades which are light, light medium, medium and medium deep. And the medium shade just suits my skin tone.
Here are the swatches of this concealer:
  1. Gently dab the concealer onto the skin, spreading evenly so it blends perfectly.
  2. Blend with the pad of your ring finger using a patting motion until it looks seamless.
  3. Build coverage for your desired look.
What I love about this:  
  • The packaging
  • Its sponge tip applicator
  • Build-able to full coverage
  • Easy to blend
  • Doesn't have scent
  • It has anti-aging skin care
  • Four different shades to choose from
  • Lasts for about 7-9 hours; no need for retouching
And what I hate about it: 
  • Nothing in particular. :D
And my over all personal view about this product is that it is simply one of the best concealer I ever had! (for now maybe) I love how it can really conceal those dark spots on my face with just a minimal amount of it. So, I'll probably recommend this product to those who are so stress out of those dark circles under their eyes and those creepy pimple marks. >.< Come give it a try and you might not now this is the one you've been looking for! 
Anyone here who have tried this product? How was it for you? And if you haven't used this yet, will you give a try? I would love to hear you, share your thoughts about it.

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