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Little black lacey dress, my kind of dress. My lace dress collection are growing and I'm loving it! Are you a fan of laces, too? And what's not to love on this Sexy Standing Collar Lace Hip Hugging Dress? I got it on sale for only $18 and it's original price was $45, lucky me.

Here's a much closer look of the dress.

Black connector ring from SM Accessories.
Fancy my hairstyle? Lol. I know it's kinda messy because I just played with it by twisting it over and over again. Haha!
Pardon my hair here? The air is being so friendly, eh? :P
Do you like the dress? Well, I know it's kinda short but of course you can always pair it on a tights, but in this case I opted out tights to showcase the loveliness of this black lace dress alone. And nothing beats a black shoes to pair and a red lipstick as the best accessories though it's quite not visible, blame my camera. This outfitey is very minimalistic of me, agree? Hehe! But I do hope you like it! Channeling all my powers to that black dress! Haha! Oh and I got that dress at www.oasap.com. You should check out that online store, one of my favorites! ;)
And with that let me end this post with a song from Ellie Goulding...

Baby don't forget my name, when the morning breaks us..
Baby please don't look away, when the morning breaks us...
Oh your touch, so bittersweet baby..
Don't forget my name When the morning breaks us..




  1. The dress is so pretty! I wanna have one too!


    1. Indeed! Thanks for dropping by! :) XO

  2. The dress is love! I super like this one. I love laces. You look good! ^_^

    DAINTY CHIC by Loila L.


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