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Hey, lovelies! Ever heard of  ShopSimple? Well, the first time I went to their website, I thought I was on Pinterest because the items that are stored all around the website can be save, like or share on other social networking site. The only difference is that the item(s) that you love on their site is just a click away too if you want to purchase them. Surely a hassle free shopping for online shoppers out there! Ehem! *Just like me*.  

They offers us over 100 million products and the most exciting part is that we can buy almost all the items just by clicking the “Buy It” button. Who doesn't love that? I personally admire how I can shop easily on this website and save all the items I'm coveting first and get back to them once I can I buy them.
It is an inspirational shopping website, which connects shoppers with online stores from around the world. People use ShopSimple to discover what they want from the endless products posted on the website. And we can also share what we love on our friends or even someone we don't know by  tagging them or share it via Facebook/Twitter button which are seen from each product button.

How to Register?
  • Just click the "Join Free" button. (Yes, It's FREE.) You can sign up through your FB Account or with your e-mail.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Then click what you like, then will come amazing recommendations! Choices are weddings, clothing, bags, shoes, beautyoccasion dresses and jewelry.
  • Voila, you can now browse, like, save and even buy!
ShopSimple is a user friendly website and it helps you find what's your heart really desire. I love the fact that I can share them on facebook or twitter which means I can help my friends to discover the awesomeness of this website. And look at what I just found on their website...
Well, Christian Louboutin? Way expensive! Haha! But I love them so I liked them on my ShopSimple account and maybe in the future, I'll be able to buy them.
And by the way, you can actually update the price range on the upper right part of the page before browsing products. Can you guess how much those tees cost? It's only $10! If that's you budget, just put in $5-$15 range and then you're free to browse those affordable items. :)
And these dresses also costs $10. I surely love this website! If you've been a Pinterest lover, then you'll soon understand and love ShopSimple which allows you to buy the products that you love. :)

Sign up on their website now lovelies and start liking and saving products that you love then buy them eventually. ;)

And don't forget to like them on facebook for daily updates:



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  1. OM! fell in love with the 2nd and 3rd shoes. Aw, super ganda! might check this online shop. :)

    DAINTY CHIC by Loila L.


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