Oh I Love April!


Why do I love April? Simply because it's my birth month! *ehem*. Haha! I'm turning another year older, can't believe it. I don't have plans for my birthday yet but I just hope it will be a day well spent. :)
This is not literally a birthday gift but I'll consider it as one since Ms. Cathy of Embrace Jewelry sent me the Birthstone Sterling Silver April Jewelry Set, she's so thoughtful and doing a transaction with their shop is simply easy because they are friendly. :)
This is my 2nd set of jewelry that I received from Embrace JewelryRemember my 1st set post HERE? Those lovely bracelets are really amazing. And here comes my next set.
This  2 Wrap Faceted Glass Pink Leather Wrap Bracelet Woven is one lovely arm accessories, it will heightened your femininity.
  • Beaded strand
  • High Quality 100% Real Leather
  • Pure Hand Knitted
This style of bracelet is one of the most fashionable design, do you agree with us? This is the piece that you can't miss. I'm loving its color.
It's never too late to say love! This Love Words Crystal Stainless Steel Necklace Valentine Jewelry is really one cute necklace. I love that word "love" as its pendant.
  • High quality material, simple and elegant design.
  • Comes with the love characters, it's a necklace represent of love.
  • It's made of high quality stainless steel, of delicate handwork.
  • About 18 inch length
This necklace is definitely a great gift for your girl, she'll love it for sure.  A very nice way of showing that you love the person you're giving this jewelry. :)
And this last jewelries are my most favorite! Birthstone Sterling Silver April jewelry Set SET24-4 is really stunning and truly is my birthstone. The first time I laid my eyes on these treasure, I just fell in love. It's beautiful. And it's very simple as well but will surely standout. It includes a set of jewelry of one piece 10mm crystal pendant, one strand 925 sterling silver necklace and one pair of 8mm crystal ball 925 sterling silver stud earrings.
  • All 925 Sterling Silver Metal High Quality Crystal Balls
  • No Plumbum  
  • No Nickel  
  • No Skin Allergy
The design is really elegant and I love that it sparkles. Fashion for any occasions. This piece never go out of style and you shouldn't miss it! 
How do you find these jewelries? Well, I must say that Embrace Jewelry never cease to amaze me. Their products are amazing in their pretty little own way and not to mention also that they sell it on a very affordable price. Would you dare to miss that? I know you wouldn't so better check their shop now. And oh by the way, which of these do you like most?

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  1. I really like the handwork on the metal necklace. It looks natural and raw yet feminine and pretty. I like that combination!


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