My Classic Winchester Lady from Daniel Wellington


What time is it now? How many times do you ask that question in a day? Ten times? Twenty? Or even more? Yes, more, because knowing what time is it already is vital to us and having a watch wrap around our wrist is necessary, right? Like for us nurses, we never go to our duties without wearing a watch because we really need them for monitoring our client's vital signs, giving medications and others. And at universities, we need them to guide us on our daily schedules. To every person, there's a purpose why they need a watch. It just seems that a watch is very essential to our everyday living. And too much for that, I just wanted to show my newest watch from Daniel Wellington.
The Daniel Wellington Watch
The “preppy” trend is bigger than ever before. And while there are many big players in the fashion industry that caters to preppy needs, such as Ralph Lauren, Gant and Brooks Brothers, we felt that there was an empty space in the watch market. There was something missing.
And Daniel Wellington fills that gap, their vision is that when someone thinks of a preppy dressed person, he or she is wearing a Daniel Wellington watch.
The first time I ever saw a Daniel Wellington watch was on Instagram and I swear, I instantly thought of owning one because it's just so amazing. And the colors of the straps are to love! And they also have it in leather, shades of black and brown.
I opted for this Classic Winchester Lady design because I admire the touch of pink in it and both colors are a bit darker, check. Plus, I preferred the ring colour to be rose gold because I think it's more classy than the silver one, for me.
The Nato strap  
The straps themselves are an important part of the watch. Nato straps originate from the British navy, where divers would use the strong nylon straps over their wet suits. Even though they were originally made to avoid rust, we love the look and versatility of them. 
And that is why they wanted to create a line of different straps with different colours and patterns but all with a strong bond to the British Isles.
Details of this watch:
  • Link: Natostrap
  • Colour: Blue/pink
  • Ringcolour: Rose gold/Silver  
  • Clock-face: Eggshell white
  • Clockwork: Quartz Japan citizen 1L22 movement.
  • Size (diameter): 36 mm
  • Height of casing: 6 mm
  • Water resistant 3ATM avoid all contact with water  
  • Nato straps are interchangeable.
Having a watch for other people is not just for the sake of knowing the time but it's also a fashion statement. And if you want one bold and awe-inspiring watch, go for a Daniel Wellington watch. It's a watch for every occasion.  

Yes, a Daniel Wellington watch is suitable for every occasion. Regardless if you’re attending a black tie event, playing a game of tennis or enjoying a sunny day at the beach club – the Daniel Wellington is a beautiful companion. And I'm pretty sure you'll love to interchange its straps depending on your oootds/ootns, right? You'll love it! :)

Get the watch and those different colors of nato straps at You'll love the watch. :)



  1. The watch is beautiful..

  2. I've seen so many Daniel Wellington watches' posts these days, & some of these designs are really cool! xoxo


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