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Have you ever imagined how awesome it is if you are shopping hassle-free? Well, talking about easy shopping, I highly recommend ShopThisEasy because shopping has never been easy with them and I experienced how easy it  can really be. 
My order was placed last last Friday (10th of May) and I thought that I'll be waiting for a couple of days, 3 to 4 perhaps but then I was amazed because it arrived on Sunday (12th of May). It only took 2 days, so I guess I can consider that they can give you a fast transaction.

About ShopThisEasy:
From the name itself, ShopThisEasy.com aims to make shopping fun and convenient from the comfort of your office or home. This is your one-stop online shop committed in offering top-of-the-line fashion merchandise with distinct combination of style and function for multiple lifestyles.
What to expect on this shop:
  • All items are on hand + Fast Delivery
  • FREE Shipping on orders P999+  |Shipping Policy|
  • Secured Payments
  • Easy Returns (Money Back Guarantee)
  • ✓ BEST PRICE Guarantee

So here's the necklace I got from their shop, the Multi-Chain Layered Necklace. I did mentioned on my recent ootd post here that I immediately threw them on the day it arrived because it's really beautiful.
And believe me that you can get this on a much lower price now, from ₱300.00 it is now only ₱189.00

And this Multilayer Pearl Eiffel Bracelet  is to love! The moment I saw them on their site I knew it is one amazing set of bracelets. Just by seeing that Eiffel tower surely you'll love it, too!
Look at it, so classy! And you can get it in a very affordable price! From ₱450.00 it is now only ₱189.00
To experience this easy shopping why don't you drop by www.shopthiseasy.com? Besides all those I mentioned above, this shop is also up for many deals that will benefit their loyal customers, like if you buy a pair of shoes you can get a FREE plastic shoe box organizer. And you'll never be lost on their site because they categorized their products very well. See it for yourself.
Don't forget to like them on FACEBOOK and follow them on TWITTER.
I hope you liked this post, lovelies! <3


Frugal Fashions


I just mentioned to you about romwe’s biggest leggings flash sale and yet here comes another good news from them. They just can’t stop, eh? Making their fab items really affordable so they decided to launch a lucky “$9.99” catalogue including shirts, cases, collars, accessories and more. It is available now and will last for a long long time!  
And because of the recent leggings flash sale + this frugal fashions, a little shopping won’t hurt! Hahaha! So let me show you what’s on my shopping bag:
So what are you waiting now? Better check out the $9.99 catalogue now. And don’t forget to join Romwe’s Pin to Win $150 Freebies.

SheInside Favorites


Hiiyaa! I wanted to show some of my favorite items from SheInside, one of the web's first online stores and has been helping the fashion-conscious look fabulous since 2008. Online stores are almost everywhere, in just a click  or two you can already start your shopping exercise *haha*. But mind you, it takes time to really find the best online store around the web, watch out for scammers as well. 
SheInside is one of the best online store I know, a lot of fashion-conscious and fashion bloggers  are buying their extraordinary fashion pieces from this website. What's more, is that they offer different kinds of program in which their customers will benefit from it. Just like when you SIGN UP now you'll automatically get a 15% coupon and as a member of the site, you should watch out for more discounts and freebies as well.  Who wouldn't love to shop at SheInside? And as I browse their site, I tried making a collage of some of their items to show you. And here they are now.

  1. White Comme des Fuckdown Print T-Shirt | Black Vertical Stripe Strap Shorts
  2. Black GIVEASHIRT Print T-ShirtWhite Retro Style Lace Shorts
  3. White BOY LONDON Print T-Shirt | Black and White Plaid Pockets Shorts
  4. Black Bead FUCK Embellished T-Shirt | White Vertical Stripe Strap Shorts
Okay, admit it! We've been seeing a lot of printed tees or even tank tops everywhere. There's the famous Jack Daniel's tank top, boy london, Comme des f*uckdown, Giyongchy and a lot more. And believe me when I say that I'm a fan of it, that's why when I saw some of them on their website, I just want to get them all. *evil laugh* Anyway, what do you think of my top and shorts combination? Like it or not? :D My knowledge about CS5 is not yet broad so please excuse my collage. lol.
And since summer is approaching on the other part of the world, I decided to pick some dresses which will be stunning for summer. Floral and neon is I think two of the highlight for Spring/Summer 2013 and don't forget the stripes trend! You might want to check my recent post here

Here are my other favorites from them:

That's all I have for now and I hope you'll spare some of your time checking out SheInside. Have a fantastic weekend! <3

Denim Sale at the Metro!

Enjoy wide selections and styles of jeans at the Metro Department Store’s Denim Sale from May 15 – June 16, 2013. up to 50 % off on selected men’s and ladies’ jeans..
Grab a free cool t-shirt with a minimum P1, 000 single-receipt purchase from any of the participating denim brands. This offer is good from 10AM – 12NN daily on May 15 – 29, 2013 only.
The Metro Denim Sale is made possible by Jag, Lee, Von Dutch, Tribal, Levis, Dickies, Wrangler, Lee Cooper, Fubu, Penshoppe, BNY, BUM, Freego, Hammerhead, Next, Crissa, Red Girl, Pazzo, Bobson, RRJ, Paddocks, No Apologies, Cliffe, Wranco, Blue Camp and Street Code.
Hurry and shop now at any Metro Department Store near you.
See posters and print ads for details or log on to www.metrogaisano.com.phor like “The Metro Stores” on Facebook.
Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 4254, Series of 2013.

Not Too Late For Stripes


Voila! It’s almost Friday, how did you spent your week? Is there anything exceptional that happened to you recently? My life is about to change a little by next week and I hope it will lead me to what God really planned for me. I’ll keep you updated. For now, let me finish this post. :)
I  consider stripes as one of the trendiest style this Spring/Summer 2013, with that here’s my 1st attempt, am I late? Hehe! I know stripes can sometimes be daunting but with some sassy styling they can be really flattering. 
I end up with this casual look last Mother’s day. I opted to pair my off-shoulder navy blue stripes top with my favorite skinny jeans and I just kept my accessories to a minimum.
Perfect timing because this Multi-Chain Layered Necklace arrived that same day and since it beguiled me, I immediately threw it on. 
And for a more fascinating look I wore this simple and chic black shoes which is my current favorite. You know how much I adore this shoes. Surely, this will be one of my overuse pair of shoes. 
That’s my casual way of wearing a striped top. How about you? How will you style this top? Or any striped top, a leather skirt will be good, too! Share your ideas! I’ll be more happy to hear from you. It’s not yet late to try this trend, it may not be your style but a little experimenting is fine, right? 

We Can Stay Forever Young


Oh at last! Another outfit post, did you miss it? Please say you do! Haha! Well, this outfit has been sleeping on my drafts for quite a long time and now is the time to publish it. If you can recall, I kept on telling you how much I love romwe’s leggings, right? It’s just that, they have a variety of it, from plain to printed, either with rivets or lace, from velvet to sequins. You simply can’t go wrong if you go for romwe. And with that, here’s how I styled one of their velvet leggings.
Velvet leggings are versatile and seductive, that is why I’m glad that the size I selected was right because (to warn you as well) this velvet leggings are tight fitting. And it’s better to keep your tops long, hitting just below the bottom.

That’s why I opted out for plain long black crochet top, black will never let you down.
To spice up this look I put on my chain necklace from SM Accessories for an effortlessly chic & modern look. 
And this sexy sandals from Mario D’ Boro is the perfect footwear to complete this look. And it blends well with my necklace. Don’t worry about the heel height because this sandals is I think the comfiest and very lightweight pair of high heeled footwear I’ve ever got so far. No kidding, I can wear them all day, I guess. 

I hope this look inspires you on how to style a velvet leggings. :) And please watch out for romwe’s leggings big sale on May 15! I’ll keep you posted. And to end this post, listen to Avril Lavigne’s recent song, Here’s To Never Growing Up.

Candy Green In Season


Throw your hands up in the air if you love green! Did you know that green is the color of the year? Not the candy green but Emerald, at least still within the family of green. And talking about that, I wanted to let you know about udobuy's latest spring collection, the "Candy Green In Season", a lot of fab items are placed on that section which are in different shades of green and mostly are candy green. 
Let me show you now my top 5 selections:

  1. Fashion Green Chiffon Shirt
  2. Fluorescent Green Diamond Shirt
  3. Fluorescent Green Skirt
  4. Green Messenger Shoulder Bag
  5. Fluorescent Green Transparent Pointed High-heeled Shoes
Don't you love the color? I do! And if you prefer other shades of green like, mint green, army green, apricot green and other shades of green just take a look at this collection HERE. I'm sure you'll find something you'll fall in love with on that section.
And you can also enjoy  15% off from them by using the code "candygreen" upon checkout. Enjoy shopping at udobuy
You'll also love udobuy's Group Buy section, you must check it. And might as well read about Udobuy Bonus Point Program, this is their own way of expressing how thankful they are to have you as their loyal customer. :)


Fanciful Backless Wedding Dresses


Hey, lovelies! What's your ideal age to get married? When I was on my early teenage years, I used to say that I'll get married at the age of 27, it's the ideal age for me. And now that I'm 23, I can't entirely say that I'll get married at 27 but who knows what might happen, right? But whatever your age is, I'm sure that girls will always love to fancy wedding dresses, even kids do that. 
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
What style of wedding dresses do you dreamed of? A long gown it is perhaps, but do you want it sleeveless, long-sleeve-in-a-lace-form, halter, tube, off-shoulder or in a spaghetti style strap? A lot of wedding gowns are out in the market nowadays and online seller of  wedding dresses are everywhere. I'm very glad to stumble upon PersunMall Online Site because different designs of wedding dresses can be found there. And when I passed by the backless wedding dresses section, I was amazed because the dresses are extraordinary. Actually, backless dresses are a bit last on my list before because I'm a bit conservative or should I say my family is. But if I were to wear a backless dress on my wedding day, I think I'll choose the 1st dress on my photo above and the 4th one is my second choice. And on my own opinion, the 3rd dress is a stunning wedding dress if you wanted a beach wedding. It's a simple long  flowy white dress with beads embellishment, very perfect for the beach. Different styles of backless dresses are to be found on their site, take a look now.
White Diamond Pointed & Rhinestone White Shoes
And a perfect wedding dress won't be as stunning as it is if you're not wearing the hottest pair of shoes in town, so I picked up the best shoes from the site which will be perfect to pair up with those wedding dress. 
Visit PersunMall.Com now to see more of their products. Happy Shopping!

Introducing the New Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS from Rouge Bunny Rouge

Hello, dollies! Are you enjoying the weekend? I hope everyone's having a good time.  And as you indulge with your weekend festivities, let me introduce the newest product of Rouge Bunny Rouge
It's the New Magnitude Mascara UBIQUITOUS – a true all-rounder for otherworldly, luminous lashes.

Our unique formula includes Silk Protein that ensures wonderful flexibility and natural feel in wear while it restructures and protects your lashes. In combination with the three natural compounds Paraffin Wax, Carnauba Wax and Beeswax it imparts a soft texture for flexibility, volume and superior luminosity. A new fibre brush guarantees enhanced dimension of your lashes - separating, lengthening, curvaceously curling, adorning with a sleek, glistening and deeply intense colour. The perfect mascara for silky, long, fluttery lashes. 

Available in two shades: Titanian (luminous black) & Almandine (luminous brown) *Refer on the photo above or for a more clearer photo(s) go HERE*
Launched last 10th of May 2013 and its price is €29
Furthermore, they proudly present the latest addition to their Long-lasting Eye Shadow Refill range: Their matte shade 'Papyrus Canary' is available now as a refill for the RBR Duo and Trio Keeper! Check it out now.

 And in addition to their latest Facebook Competition here in which I joined, they just started an 'Elegant Spring Sweepstakes' on Pinterest, too! To know more about it:

Good luck to all who will join the competition and I'm crossing my fingers, too. Haha! Drop by rougebunnyrouge.com now to browse their enchanting products. :)


Flash Sale On Amazing Accessories!


Flash Sale alert from ROMWE! Most of us know that romwe  also have so many great pieces to match different looks. Their accessories are always so hot and over-the-top! And now, the big sale about accessories begins, and all of them only cost $4.99!!! Imagine that?! I'm excited about it too! But the time is running and it's only valid for 48 hours so fasten your seat-belt and start shopping! I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy this sale. ;)

Just go to this link to see all the items on sale: 


PU Leather Cross Body Envelope Bag from Chicnova

Is this bag quite familiar to you? Probably you’ve seen this already on my previous blog post HEREAnyway, can I ask you a question now? Do you fancy a plain black envelope leather bag? *Leave your answers in the comment box below* And now, my opinion. Actually, I found this kind of bag a bit of boring before because it looks like an attaché case. But hey, look at it more closely and you’ll appreciate its uniqueness and how fashionable it can be. Of course, I wouldn’t buy this bag if I didn’t noticed that. You know, I only look for the best and along with that I also consider if it’s affordable or not. And believe me when I say that I was so lucky then because this bag was on SALE. It only costs me $28.40 while its original price was $35.50. I still saved $7.10. Teehee! :)

Featuring a PU structured main with a top grab handle, an envelope design with a pointed flap to the front with clasp closure, a shoulder strap with pin buckle fastening, a zip pocket to the reverse.
Size:1cm = 0.3937 inch
  • Top Width:30cm
  • Bottom Width:33cm
  • Height:25cm
  • Shoulder Strap:140cm
The lock of this bag is pretty cool and I tend to play with them whenever I use this bag.
I also love the zip pocket at the back, I can place there my excess coins and whatever small stuffs.
This bag is perfect for school or for work. I’m telling you now that you can put so much stuffs inside of it. Its grab handle is fine but try using it only when the bag carries a few stuffs. I can say that this bag is uniquely made and really durable. I can imagine now that I’ll be using this bag more often last week of this month and the coming months.

Where to get this bag?

How do you find this kind of bag? I’d love to hear from you. And you can as well check out my tote bag also from chicnova over HEREI hope you liked this post.


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