Candy Color Leather Bucket Tote Bag from Chicnova


Believe me when I say that bags are essential to us girls. No matter what kind of bag it is, 8 out of 10 girls probably always have a bag with her whenever she goes out. Nowadays, there are too many styles of bag that comes out. And what do we mainly look out for a bag? For me it’s the design, the size, quality of course and the color! And It is the color of this bag I’m showing that I fell in love with. 

  • This color block bag has been crafted from a PU leather fabric. The details include: soft PU leather main in a bucket shape main, twin grab handles to the top with zip detailing, soft-touch cotton lining and zip top fastening, a detachable shoulder strap for adjustable length, in a delicate and unique style.
Size: (1cm = 0.3937 inch)
  •  Length: 27cm  
  • Width: 13cm  
  • Height: 22cm  
  • Handle Drop: 13cm
This bag makes me want to eat a bubble gum ice cream right at this very moment I’m typing. *laugh* Don’t you love the color? Perfect for summer getaway.
This bag may look small but I’m telling you now that a lot can be place inside, it’s capacious. Another thing I like about this bag is that it comes with a detachable shoulder strap that is adjustable. You can hold the bag like it is just a handbag and when you’re tired of it just sling the bag onto your shoulder and you’re good to go again. Does it sounds good to you? Anyway, how do you prefer to carry a bag? I’d love to read your thoughts. 
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  1. The metal heart on the zipper pull is adorable. I also love the bright colors for the spring.

    1. I agree with you Sandra about the metal heart <3 Thanks for dropping by. XO

  2. This is so much lovely…… Where did you have this? I’m so much craving to have the same. Colors are so attractive. It’s really good that we have so many handbag styles, means I can have different style for every different occasion I have with my friends. Carrying all the stuff together is really necessary, carrying style with accessories is something that I’m in love with. All the things are aside and what I love is style. What’s your style and what you like to have?


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