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Have you ever imagined how awesome it is if you are shopping hassle-free? Well, talking about easy shopping, I highly recommend ShopThisEasy because shopping has never been easy with them and I experienced how easy it  can really be. 
My order was placed last last Friday (10th of May) and I thought that I'll be waiting for a couple of days, 3 to 4 perhaps but then I was amazed because it arrived on Sunday (12th of May). It only took 2 days, so I guess I can consider that they can give you a fast transaction.

About ShopThisEasy:
From the name itself, ShopThisEasy.com aims to make shopping fun and convenient from the comfort of your office or home. This is your one-stop online shop committed in offering top-of-the-line fashion merchandise with distinct combination of style and function for multiple lifestyles.
What to expect on this shop:
  • All items are on hand + Fast Delivery
  • FREE Shipping on orders P999+  |Shipping Policy|
  • Secured Payments
  • Easy Returns (Money Back Guarantee)
  • ✓ BEST PRICE Guarantee

So here's the necklace I got from their shop, the Multi-Chain Layered Necklace. I did mentioned on my recent ootd post here that I immediately threw them on the day it arrived because it's really beautiful.
And believe me that you can get this on a much lower price now, from ₱300.00 it is now only ₱189.00

And this Multilayer Pearl Eiffel Bracelet  is to love! The moment I saw them on their site I knew it is one amazing set of bracelets. Just by seeing that Eiffel tower surely you'll love it, too!
Look at it, so classy! And you can get it in a very affordable price! From ₱450.00 it is now only ₱189.00
To experience this easy shopping why don't you drop by www.shopthiseasy.com? Besides all those I mentioned above, this shop is also up for many deals that will benefit their loyal customers, like if you buy a pair of shoes you can get a FREE plastic shoe box organizer. And you'll never be lost on their site because they categorized their products very well. See it for yourself.
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I hope you liked this post, lovelies! <3



  1. Cute items sis! Especially the bracelet set! :)

    XO, Mish @ LBD and Onesies

  2. Cool accessories Jenna! Nice bracelet. :)

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    Outfit Post: ♥♡◑❤ ~ The Bridesmaid ~ ❤◑♡♥
    View my colorful outfit with spring vibe, part of the entourage!

    ❤ ~Chai
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  4. Eiffel tower bracelet is nice and affordable. will try to order there! try mo din sis yung goods.ph so far okay naman nakaabang lang akosa daily sale nila hehehehe


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