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Hey, lovelies! What's your ideal age to get married? When I was on my early teenage years, I used to say that I'll get married at the age of 27, it's the ideal age for me. And now that I'm 23, I can't entirely say that I'll get married at 27 but who knows what might happen, right? But whatever your age is, I'm sure that girls will always love to fancy wedding dresses, even kids do that. 
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What style of wedding dresses do you dreamed of? A long gown it is perhaps, but do you want it sleeveless, long-sleeve-in-a-lace-form, halter, tube, off-shoulder or in a spaghetti style strap? A lot of wedding gowns are out in the market nowadays and online seller of  wedding dresses are everywhere. I'm very glad to stumble upon PersunMall Online Site because different designs of wedding dresses can be found there. And when I passed by the backless wedding dresses section, I was amazed because the dresses are extraordinary. Actually, backless dresses are a bit last on my list before because I'm a bit conservative or should I say my family is. But if I were to wear a backless dress on my wedding day, I think I'll choose the 1st dress on my photo above and the 4th one is my second choice. And on my own opinion, the 3rd dress is a stunning wedding dress if you wanted a beach wedding. It's a simple long  flowy white dress with beads embellishment, very perfect for the beach. Different styles of backless dresses are to be found on their site, take a look now.
White Diamond Pointed & Rhinestone White Shoes
And a perfect wedding dress won't be as stunning as it is if you're not wearing the hottest pair of shoes in town, so I picked up the best shoes from the site which will be perfect to pair up with those wedding dress. 
Visit PersunMall.Com now to see more of their products. Happy Shopping!


  1. Beautiful wedding dresses indeed. Great article! <3

  2. Your selections wants me to get married again! Our 12th anniversary is next week! I am so lucky ...

    1. Aww. Thanks, Susan! I bet you really are. Advance Happy 12th anniversary to you and your husband! :)

  3. Jen, great post! Getting married has no age now a days! My mom is always nagging me because her and her sisters got married at around 18! But we don't live in those days anymore. Anyways, all of those dresses are great selections and look very elegant


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