Romwe Instagram Giveaway!


If you are like me who is very much in love with those printed leggings from romwe, I'm pretty sure you'll love what I'm about to share. 
Romwe is holding an activity on their official Instagram account to encourage their fans to take a clear & creative photos which showcase their feelings upon wearing those amazing leggings. Each one of us have a unique style so shout it out to the world. Embrace & express your style! 

And now here are the details:
  1. Take a photo in Romwe leggings.
  2. Post it with the caption @romwe  #romwemay “I’m xxx(name), I’m in xxx(city), I’m wearing Romwe leggings” on Instagram.
  3. Locate your position.
  4. Follow Romwe on Instagram.
Here's the example:
          Time: 05/09/2013 to 06/09/2013  
Check the contest (@romwe) you will know how to join:


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