Spring Epilogue Giveaway!


Hiiya, dolls! I have a giveaway to share which is hosted by CHOIES. It will end on May 15th so better hurry and join, okay? :D

Here are the steps on how you can join:

Step 1:
  • Go HERE and you're officially in.
Step 2:
  • Check the Optional Gifts and Choose Your Favorite One.
Step 3:
  • Share the giveaway to Your BFFs/blog/other website and leave your shared URL/links.
Step 4:
  • Enter Choies facebook APP for the Lucky Draw. (To Get the Chance to win, you must take part in the Lucky Draw!)

Just go HERE to join the giveaway! 

Don't forget that this will end on May 15, you only have less than a week to join! There will be TWO WINNERS everyday!

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  1. Entered the giveaway. Wishing everyone the best! Love the blog!


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