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Oh at last! Another outfit post, did you miss it? Please say you do! Haha! Well, this outfit has been sleeping on my drafts for quite a long time and now is the time to publish it. If you can recall, I kept on telling you how much I love romwe’s leggings, right? It’s just that, they have a variety of it, from plain to printed, either with rivets or lace, from velvet to sequins. You simply can’t go wrong if you go for romwe. And with that, here’s how I styled one of their velvet leggings.
Velvet leggings are versatile and seductive, that is why I’m glad that the size I selected was right because (to warn you as well) this velvet leggings are tight fitting. And it’s better to keep your tops long, hitting just below the bottom.

That’s why I opted out for plain long black crochet top, black will never let you down.
To spice up this look I put on my chain necklace from SM Accessories for an effortlessly chic & modern look. 
And this sexy sandals from Mario D’ Boro is the perfect footwear to complete this look. And it blends well with my necklace. Don’t worry about the heel height because this sandals is I think the comfiest and very lightweight pair of high heeled footwear I’ve ever got so far. No kidding, I can wear them all day, I guess. 

I hope this look inspires you on how to style a velvet leggings. :) And please watch out for romwe’s leggings big sale on May 15! I’ll keep you posted. And to end this post, listen to Avril Lavigne’s recent song, Here’s To Never Growing Up.


  1. Looking extra fab here love your blouse & sandals ♥


  2. WOW!
    I love your outfit. The trousers are beautiful and the shirt is amazing too.


  3. loving this look - what great leggings x

  4. Great combination!

  5. hi, you might wanna check out some fabulous fashionable pieces at www.southsartorial.com


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