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I felt like I was away from my blog for a long time which is really quite a long time and I really need to catch up with everyone. My blogs are on hiatus the past couple of weeks but it’s back now with vengeance. Haha! Good vengeance, is there such thing? Lol. Anyway, this look was shoot months ago and luckily I can finally post them now.
Loving the colors from this look because it makes me feel so relax and stress-free plus the sleeveless top is freshening. The printed leggings sends mixed aura of edginess and subtleness, I love it though. 
I’m not into pairing wedges to a leggings but this one changes that outlook I guess. 
  • Top & Leggings - Bebe Boutique
  • Wedge Sandals - Parisian
  • Shades -  FLyShades
That’s all I have for now and thanks for dropping by and reading this post. Please look forward to my next post. ;)

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