7/28/13 Wishlist!
How often do you see white ensemble nowadays? Me? Very often! You'll see them at every runway and to most of fashion/style bloggers and along the street. If black & white stripes stand out the past months, I can sense that the trend of white ensemble is one trend we will all look forward to and I'm digging it. This white look is definitely a stunning look and also a challenging one. How about you wear it on rainy days? How awful do you think your day will be? Tehee! But of course you wouldn't mess with that kind of weather. So be sure to be extra caring when coming up to a head to toe white look. 

Anyways, white shoes is not really my type though during my college days I'm used to wearing them because we're wearing white uniforms that required white shoes as well. But recently, I fell in love with it because I was inspired by how some fashion bloggers who really rock 'em. That is why I made a wishlist of fab white shoes/heels which can all be found at

My love for these white shoes is just the beginning so look forward to more white-related blog posts! :) That's all I have for now so better check out those links if you admire my wishlist. <3

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  1. So many nice shoes... I will have some on my wishlist too!

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