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Finally, now is the right time to share my straightaway thoughts about these selected items from BYS Cosmetics. I know I’ve been very busy with work lately and I promised to catch up but then I failed *pardon me*, I’ll try my best this time around. 
So let me start with the Nail Polish Coloured UV Point Blank, I’m a huge fan of bold red nail polish that’s why when I first saw this instant-like! But then I wonder how do these UV nail polish differs from the other type of nail polish? I learned that it’s just the same with the other when under the regular lights but then illuminates under UV lights. How enticing is that? Too bad I can’t show you a photo of it under UV light. On the other hand under regular light, I can say that it’s awesome too! The only thing I don’t like about it is that it chips off after 3-5 days. 
Next in line, Lipgloss Lipstick Duo in Kiss Me Coral & Pucker Up Pink. The first thing I looked up to in this product is that it’s very handy! And the brand says, this BYS lipstick and lipgloss combo is perfect for your handbag, giving you the choice of a lipstick or simply some gloss.
A wise tip from them: For long lasting wear, try wearing the lip gloss over the lipstick.
Over these two my most favorite is the Kiss Me Coral because the shade is so feminine and simple while the Pucker Up Pink goes to those hot sexy ladies in town though I love its shimmering effect, a sucker of those thingy. 
Things I like about it:
  • Glides on easily when applying.
  • It softens/moisturizes my lips.
  • A lot of shade to choose from.
  • Handy and the shade is visible through the gloss.
And things I don’t like:
  • Lasts only for 1-2 hours.
  • Contains only small amount of gloss and the stick is thin & short though if used frugally, it maybe worth it.
To enlighten your mood here’s my swatches:
Which do you prefer?
And the last product for this quick review post, the Eyeliner Pencil Neon Pink! I do love neon but to be honest I haven’t wear this eyeliner publicly yet as of today because I think it’s really popping when it’s on. Haha! But since I’m mastering on how to put on eyeliner effortlessly, I might wear this one very soon! Thanks to these 15 Awesome Eyeliner Tricks, it really helped me a lot! You must read it yourself if you’re not a pro. ;)
I hope you find this post interesting, dolls! That’s all I can share for now. I would love to read your thoughts, just leave a comment. :)
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