Hello, LWD!


Hello, LWD!

Hello, LWD! by iamjennacruz 

I'm a LBD-goer most of the time but there's no harm trying out or falling hard for LWD because I'm actually loving this trend, that's why I came up with my very first post of Style Inspiration 101. 
I collected 6 different white dresses to spice up your style in relation to this trend. LWD were timeless and simple standouts. Wearing white dresses looks totally smart and sassy in every occasion. And to keep it crisp and simple, minimal accessories will do. You may go for a strappy heels with statement clutch then light makeup plus let your hair down, for an effortless impact.
What do you think of this trend? Share your styling tips in in relation to this, I'd love to read it. :)
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