It's a Sweater-Kind-Of-Day!


During August days here rest assured you'll be saying hi and hello to rain drops because it will keep on pouring but I just hope that there'll be no heavy rain this year that will cause flood to hold back for more than a week, let's pray for that. Anyway, what i love about these kind of days is that I'll be able to wear all my lovely sweaters & hoodies just like this Beaded Owl Blue Sweater without any hassle. But wait, just after I'm ready to go, the rain stops and the sunshine goes out, oh kill me. Haha! Still there's the cool air to help me feel comfortable. ;)
Since this sweater is designed well with those lovely beads to create an owl, I decided to just pair it with my classic soft Black Velvet Leggings and slip on my Textured Silver-Tone Flat Shoes so that I'm good to go. My accessories blends well with some of the beads from my top and my shoes.
I'm loving my iPad mini more from that day we took these photos. All these are taken using only my iPad mini, good quality or bad? What ya think?

Black Velvet. Sun Rays. Flat Shoes. Shadow. 
That will be all for now and I hope you liked this post. Check out where I got all those stuffs here:
  • Sweater - ROMWE
  • Black Velvet Leggings - ROMWE
  • Accessories - Tomato PH
  • Shoes - ROMWE
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  1. I love your sweater! :)

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  2. omg that is such a cutie sweater

  3. thats really a pretty and lovely sweater!!!
    very comfy yet cutie look, dear =)

    visit my fashion blog sometimes!


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