Hello, Friday!


Oh it's Friday again! The week passed by too swift and now September is almost over, should I wake you up now? :D 
This is just a quick post to keep my blog alive. I finally used my Michael Kors bag after keeping it in my closet for a couple of weeks. :) I'm definitely in love though I should be more careful because the color easily attracts dirt or whatsoever. Uggh. I think I need a brown or black one next time. What you think? Anyway, I need to run now but I'll be posting more this weekend! Watch out. :) I wish everyone a wonderful day ahead. Be fabulous!

And I'm leaving you with the song, Wake Me Up When Spetember Ends of Green Day :)


  1. love the bag! but i get what you mean about being paranoid with light colored bags! they get dirty so easily :s


    1. Thank you, Angel! That exactly! Ha Ha! But i do adore the color <3

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