Natural Ways to Grow Eyelashes


You could consider dietary changes and external remedies as natural ways to grow eyelashes. Read through to know more.

Did you know that your eyelashes are made just from keratin and water! Maintaining them well and stimulating their growth isn’t so very difficult either! Apart from growth stimulating serums like RapidLash , Idol Lash , Marini Lash , Enormous Lash , Nutraluxe lash MD , Neulash , Latisse , Grandelash MD , Activlash , Dermalash , MD Lash Factor  or Lashovee, there are some natural ways to groweyelashes as well! Some of the more effective means that can be resorted to has been listed here for your benefit.

Natural Ways to Grow Eyelashes: Effective Means Discussed

  • Vitamin H: Vitamin H or Biotin, which is a B complex vitamin, is considered highly effective for healthy growth of eyelashes. Consider including stuff like eggs, legumes, fish and beans in your diet for tanking up on Vitamin H.
  • Emu Oil: Take a little emu oil and dab it onto your eyelashes with cotton wool before going to bed. Emu oil not only stimulates growth but also conditions the eyelashes well, keeping them soft and supple.
  • Olive or Castor Oil: Applying olive or castor oil to the eyelashes is also considered beneficial for stimulating eyelash growth. You could apply some and then remove after 15 minutes before going to bed.
  • Better still; consider backing up these natural ways to grow eyelashes with your choice of serum for faster results. Consider visiting at for learning more about this eyelash growth serum. For more information you contact directly at


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  2. Olive oil and lemon are working remedy for eyelash growth. It is better to use natural treatments because applying different products or chemicals over the eyes may cause many serious problems. Olive oil which I have used many times would provide fastest growth of eyelashes. All the other natural ways shared here are effective ways for eyelash growing. Lemon remedy is also working. Here you may check how to use that remedy

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