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At Union Diamond we intend to provide you the most intriguing jewelry that suits your purpose. Jewelry adds identity to a person’s getup and Union Diamond is understands the requirements of all who are fond of Palladium jewelry

In recent times, Palladium has grabbed much attention of jewelry designers. Union Diamond gives you all the reasons why. Now palladium is sold as a hallmarked precious metal. It seems to have grabbed its place as an alternative to white gold and diamond. Union Diamond is one of the promising places to find palladium jewelry that matches the occasion. But the kind of palladium jewelry that has that has captured the attention of people is palladium engagement jewelry.

Make Her Say, “YES” with Palladium Engagement Rings

 Palladium is from the Platinum family. It has the feel of platinum and yet a palladium engagement ring costs much lesser than the regular platinum engagement rings. We have more reasons why we think that palladium is the right way to express your love without having to spend month’s worth of your pay checks on higher priced precious metals.

·         A decade ago palladium was priced more than platinum as the technology for casting palladium engagement rings was not yet available around 2001.
·         Despite being the less in cost compared to other precious white metals the palladium engagement ring will last forever as it is tarnish free.
·         Even if you are looking for diamond or other precious stone-embedded palladium engagement rings you would be surprised with how light-weight Palladium can be.
When your palladium engagement rings shine on with the twinkle of your partner’s eyes you would definitely remember us at Union Diamond. We intend to add emotions to the already precious palladium jewelry that we feature.

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