And You Let Her Go


"Only know you've been high when you're feeling low. Only hate the road when you’re missin' home. Only know you love her when you let her go, And you let her go.

Tank Top & Denim Polo - Japan | Leggings - Oasap | Sandals - iWish Avenue | Love Necklace - EmbraceJewelry
SharkTeeth Ring - Rings&Tings | Watch - Gucci | Fake Dove Tatt - Fake Tattoo

Part of me is feeling ecstatic right at this very moment because finally I am about to publish one hell of an #ootd post for my blog! How long it is since my last one? I can't barely remember, eh. Anyway, this was taken last Saturday when my mother and I went on a Christmas rush shopping! Believe me when I say it was one tiring day and not to mention it also left me so broke from all the spending!!! Gah! I'm to blame! Haha! I can't help but buy shoes, shoes and shoes!!! I'll be posting them soon on my blog, so please don't forget to check S&D regularly. Talk about my outfit here, I've avoided to wear dress/skirts for some unknown/weird reasons, so I ended up putting denim and leather together. I never thought I can pull it out. A flat silvery-black-&-white sandals to finish my look! What you think of it? I am fully aware that each one of us have different sense of style and it's our choice to go over that usual style and try something else. Spice up your life as what others connotes and go out your comfort zone sometimes. Don't wait for 2014 to start something different but start now. Will that be fine with you? I'm being optimistic lately. Please allow me to end this post with this inspiring song from the Passenger.

Until my next post,
Kisses J.


  1. Love the silver sandals and the jean shirt!

  2. Lovely outfit! I love your smile too ^^ Those leggings look so shiny and pretty !! *-* xx

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