My Mantra: It's a small world.


Holler once you've read the title of this post! I'm not sure if there's still a reader of this blog, it's been on hiatus for more than two months, I can't believe it! Well, I think that sometimes all it takes is a good break and hopefully it'll result to something really interesting. My idle blog is back with vengeance! Feel the spirit, I'm looking forward to posting a lot of stuffs, actually random one in the near future. I really need to catch and write up to at least shy from those shitty things I ran into and will run into (for sure). Hence, I entitled this post "My Mantra: It's a small world" which I quote from the bedside astrologer column of the cosmo magazine under the sign, Aries. There's more about the mantra that lead me to this post, and I quote again "The 10th is the perfect day to update your blog or tweet" how apt stated. I think things are colliding to help me bounce back to my blogging line of fun. So what do you say about it? Did you miss Style & Daydreams? I hope you did! For now, that's all, I've been yawning and yawning over here so I guess I need to hit the sack now and do look forward to my future posts. 

Let me leave you with this lyric video of It's All Good Of Neyo & Cher Lloyd. Please appreciate every word of it. This song helps me through the bad times and I hope it'll inspire you too.

Until my next post,
Kisses J.

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