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Having just a pair of shoes is not enough for us women. Nowadays, having more than a pair is essential, but I'm not speaking for everyone. I ain't implying that you must buy all the shoes out there but instead pick a few pairs that you know will suit your style and are versatile enough. And do remember what Coco Chanel said, "A woman with good shoes is never ugly"
Actually, when it comes to local brand of shoes here in our country, Parisian Shoes is on top of my list. They just have a variety of shoes to choose from and all are trendy, from flats to heeled shoes and also from boots to gladiators. And you know what accompanied this brand? It's the comfort you can get from each pair you choose under Parisian Comfy. Smart choice enough style with comfort.
Aside from this heeled sandals, I also bought 2 pair of flats from them. Since 2013 is about to end, drop by your nearest SM department store to see what's in store for their Holiday Collection 2013. For daily updates follow me on Instagram on @STYLEANDDAYDREAMS.

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  1. These shoes are so cute! I love the retro feel of the design :)

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