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Floral Jacket - Romwe | Skirt - Sheinside | Shoes - Primadonna | Bag - Mango  

Bonjour! Happy holidays, daydreamers! It's been so long since my last post and I'm the one to blame. (cry-cry). I've lost guts on writing down the overflowing ideas in my mind, it seems that my time was wasted simply by doing nothing *guilty*. I should keep up with my blog, I remember so well how blogging became a big part of my life, it changed me in so many ways I couldn't imagine. So in return, I just need my motivation back. I'm hoping 2015 is the year for my blogging life to again bloom. Focus. Focus. Focus. Let me cite a few resolutions for my blog:

  • Update my blog more often as possible.
  • Write down the ideas I get from time to time.
  • Set realistic goals for SAD.
  • Draft post whenever I have free time.
  • Don't focus too much on  analytics.
  • Enhance my blog theme.
  • Be able to answer e-mails concerning SAD.
  • Stop comparing my blog to others.

Ooopps. That's all I've got for 2015! How about you, what are your resolutions for your blog? It'll be nice to read yours too. Let's do the best/worst in the remaining days of 2014! Cheers! 


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Net-a-Porter US on SALE || 50% off many designer brands!


Yes, dahling, you read it right! NAP US is currently on sale and many designers items are giving you up to 50% Off! If you've been wishing to own a designer's items but you just can't afford it at the present time, worry no more because Net-A-Porter is making you happy this Christmas time!
If you think you've saved enough and ready for this shopping galore, get your wallet or card ready! Don't blame me after. :D Happy shopping!

My Most Coveted Items:


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Caffeine and Sticker loading


Oh, yes! I am obviously one of those who are going ga-ga over starbucks 2015 planner. Can you blame me? The coffee does taste good, but expensive. The ambience in every Starbucks store is perfect and calming for people who wants to spend some time alone just thinking ever so deeply, a right hiding out place for bloggers out there and of course a place for barkadahan catching up moments. Oh, the temptation to complete that 18 stickers to get the desirable planner! I'm almost close to completing it, just a few more cups of coffee. 
I'm sure a lot of you have already redeemed your own planner by now, how was it? Can you say this year's planner is more unique from all the previous one? I'd love to read your thoughts about it! Just leave it down the comment box ;)

QOTD: “Life is too short not to have the underwear, the coffee, and the haircut you want.


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T.G.I.Friday’s Brings Tastes of America


T.G.I.Friday’s is giving us another reason to celebrate as they bring us the tastes of America! Laid out with amazing flavors we all loved, Tastes of America are surely the way to capture our patriotic Filipino hearts.

Start off your meal with the scrumptious Southwest Shrimp Salad made from the freshest ingredients to ensure that yummy crunch in every bite. Next, taste the sunny flavors of Florida with the Miami Cubano Chicken Stack followed by Kansas Mashed Potato and you’ll definitely see the yellow brick road to paradise. You can also have the juicy crowd favorite Chicago Braised Pork Belly and get some of that real Chicago flair in your mouth. Top off your dish of choice with either Chili Pineapple or Apple Cucumber mojito and you’ll feel like it's Friday on any day of the week.
Whatever your choice is, T.G.I.Friday’s will make sure that you’ll get a taste of America in every bite.


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Be Nice - Be An Inspiration


Cara. Vodka. Rose. What's a better way to end this week? I'm glad that it's Friday, again. I'm planning to focus working hard online over the weekend. Can you feel the year is going too fast? It seems like just a few days ago that we were celebrating the new year and now 2014 is about to bid us goodbye one day soon. Have you done something extraordinary this year? I have lots of plans for next year, I pray to God to help and guide me. If it's his will, it shall happen. 

In the meantime, check out the current stuff I covet, then go on scrolling over to view few more inspirational photos.

(Photos via Tumblr)

Have a happy and a fabulous weekend ahead! 
Be nice to people around you as much as possible. :)


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Take 25% OFF your order on SHOPBOP!

Marc Jacobs Wishlist

by iamjennacruz 

SHOPBOP Offer: 25% Off site-wide* 
Promotion Code: FAMILY25 
Dates: October 14th – October 16th @ 8:00am ET
**There are particular brands that are excluded.

  1. Ballerina Punk Mouse - Black
  2. Gather Round Drawstring Bag - Black
  3. Love Stud Earrings - Oro
  4. Charlie Glove - Black Multi
  5. Cat Eye Sunglasses - Black/Gray Gradient
  6. Domo Arigato Landscape Pouch - Black
  7. Scribble Mirror iPhone 5 / 5S Case - Gold Multi
  8. Stitched Ankle Booties - Black
  9. Dreamy Logo Delicate Sweetie Pendant Necklace - Cream
  10. Henry Skeleton Leather Watch - Gold/Black


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Wednesday: Words of the day'


Hmm. A slogan I just saw printed on the back shirt of the person I was seated beside with last Monday morning. A thought that made me wondered on my way to work. Good question isn't? We, the people, few or most of us do judge each other in a sort of way initially. Don't tell me you don't, because you're not lying to me, but to yourself instead. Anyhow, to explain further, there's always a good and not so good judgement so don't be defensive, dear. We tend to judge people the way they wear clothes, the way they talk and whatever way you noticed them. I do admit, I in a way is quite a judgmental person, but I do try by best to rationalize every judgement I made or spit, I initiate and make it possible to be always a good one, but sometimes I can't control the bitch persona in me. So why am I writing down my thoughts? It's just that I realized that me as a person as well is being judged, in a bizarre way.

People will always judge you, let them be. As long as you don't dwell on the negatives and take as compliments the positives.  Well, as far as we both know, you know yourself better than anyone else, right? So live your life the way you wanted. Enjoy every second because you can't take it back. Life's a crazy roller coaster ride, but maybe you have a way to lessen- or shorten the downward loop and be always on the top. As Augustus said, I'm on a roller coaster ride that only goes up. And you do need to remember, you cannot please everybody.

And the perfect song I have for you here is *drum-rolls*


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Cafe+ Experience



Coffee has become my best friend ever since the college sleepless nights and visiting different coffee shops nowadays is on my bucket list. Surely this Cafe+  was on my list in a long while now, but since the location is out of the way, I wasn't able to come and visit it whenever I like to. One fine evening my cousins asked me to go out with them and as soon as I realized they're going there, I'm good to go (so eager little girl). Actually, we arrived almost closing time, but gladly they still managed to get our order. The one thing that I admired most in this coffee shop is the way they present their products, very tempting and toothsome. I'm telling you that waffle we ordered was good for 2-3 people, (if you guys are really not hungry that much) the serving amount is worth the price you'll pay. They served hot and cold drinks, but I opted for cold that night and I am looking forward to have a taste of their hot drinks. PS: The strawberry cheesecake was heavenly delicious. 
I will surely visit them again soon. 


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Sunday Style Inspiration - Forget The Rules


(The photos are all from Tumblr dashboard, credits to their respective owner.)

Sunday has come too fast, but luckily for me, it's a long weekend so Monday and I can chill a little longer. I'm beaming right now not only because of Monday off, but also because I am literally updating my blog this weekend and as well preparing  a few drafts for the coming week to keep my blog SAD alive. There'll be a few new segments of post each day, I really do hope that I can always catch up with my plans. So for now I hope that you found those photos inspiring. I was gaga over the basics and black and white style. How about you? What's your current trend? I'd love to read your comment so better leave one down the comment box. And no matter what trend you're going, flaunt it. You own your runway anyway. Agree?


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Travel Diary: Hello, Bolinao!


Last weekend, my cousins and I visited Bolinao, a little treasure trove with a panoramic view of the West Philippine Sea. Mind you, travelling a long way is worth it just by admiring the view of the beach, calming and relaxing. Well, we should have visited it the weekend before, but due to typhoon Mario we rain checked. And luckily, the weather last weekend was damn good! We really felt like it's summer again and the word fun was understated, it was ecstatic (just look at the overwhelming view of the last photo)!  I'll be sharing a few more photos on my impending blog posts. Stay tuned! Oh, Saturday is going too fast. *sigh* 


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SAD - IG Diary

Le paborito. Hot Caramel Macchiato.
Up! Up! Up there baby. I was there and you were somewhere. *dreaming*
Ahhh. Adam to Mia. #WhereSheWent

Yes, coffee.
Black lace, Eyebrow essential.
Diamond & Spikes.
That was a FREE banana split from pizza hut. ;)

Beach bum.

It's time again for another hot CM. ;)

A few weeks ago, I decided to turn my second instagram account into an all-black-and-white posts. I was inspired by some amazing IG-ers that post such style. Well, there is another reason why I post this way, and it is to keep the life of those snapshots hidden hence letting my viewers appreciate the beauty of its simplicity. Oh, and I'd love to wonder how they will perceive the vividness of  each post. I'm no good in photography but I'm trying my best to capture each photos beautifully. I hope you liked them and would you mind paying a visit on my instagram account, just go here: @styleanddaydreams. Happy long weekend, my loves! Expect that I will be flooding your dashes with my Bolinao Trip posts. 


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