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Hi there, kittens! Have you heard of the song #Selfie? I'm sure most of you heard it because it just hit 100M views on youtube! #SelfiesCrazies! I just can't believe it, do you? I don't wanna comment about the song, end of story. I'm just sharing it because I'm taking selfies on my photos above (look up, look up). Can you imagine how many of us takes selfie shots everyday? That'll be too many to count, I guess. One thing is for sure, I'm probably in. Lol. How about you, are you a let-me-take-a-selfie-person? Don't deny it, ok? *wink*

Skirt from ROMWE. Similar here, here, and here.
T-shirt from ROMWE. Similar here.

Here's the music video of the said song, comment whatever you want about it. ;)

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