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Just the sound of the wind and waves of the ocean are with me while roaming around this place, my friends are afar taking selfies and groupies. Luckily, one of my girlfriend took this stolen shot and I instantly lerved it! This photo was taken at Bangui in Ilocos Norte, we stopped here for a couple of minutes just to admire the view and take a closer look of the Bangui windmills. Here are some trivia about those windmills:
"The windmills are considered as Southeast Asia’s biggest wind turbines.They are located in Ilocos Norte are 20 beautiful windmills or wind turbines which resemble giant electric fans. Each wind turbine has the capacity to generate electricity up to a maximum of 1.65 Megawatts for a total of 24.75 Megawatts. The 20 turbines are lined up along an arc manner following the shoreline of Bangui Bay facing the West Philippine Sea at the northwest tip of Luzon island." Source: philippinetraveldestinations
This post is just an introduction of my weekend escapade at Vigan, Laoag, And Pagudpud. I'll be sharing more photos on my blog. To see few of the snap shots, why don't you follow me on instagram? My username is @styleanddaydreams. :)

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