Smart Tips for Jewelry Shoppers with Metal Allergies


If you have metal allergies, you already know how important it is to be careful when buying jewelry. Maybe you’ve never heard of metal allergies, but you sometimes get a rash from wearing your favorite necklace. If so, this article is for you. We’ll briefly describe what metal allergies are and recommend some strategies for beating them like koa rings and higher-karat gold jewelry.

Metal Allergies Simplified

Some people are born with them, and some develop them later in life, but metal allergies are always unpleasant. The symptoms affect the areas of skin that come into contact with the metal of the jewelry and usually take the form of red, swollen, or itchy skin.  More severe cases may result in dry or cracked skin or even blisters. High nickel content is the chief cause of metal allergies, although copper and cobalt may trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. Some people believe themselves to be allergic to gold or silver, but these cases are actually very rare. Rather, most people are allergic to an alloy metal that is blended (alloyed) with the gold and silver in the manufacturing process.
Hypoallergenic Solutions
Some hypoallergenic materials for fine jewelry include: platinum, palladium, argentium sterling silver (where argentium rather than copper is alloyed with sterling silver—bonus: it’s also more tarnish resistant) and higher-karat (over 14) gold. Other, less costly hypoallergenic options are titanium and ceramic and tungsten.

Eco-Friendly Koa
If your tastes run to the exotic and things more sustainable and eco-friendly, consider natural Hawaiian koa wood jewelry. Completely hypoallergenic and normally mated to other hypoallergenic materials like titanium, koa wood is a beautiful material long used by native Hawaiians in the manufacture of traditional canoes and paddles and weapons such as spears— now considered pre-industrial art. The wood has a naturally-diverse grain variety and an amazing color range. 

When handcrafted into jewelry, the results are often stunning. You can always find a great selection of genuine koa wood jewelry and more at Altin Place. They also offer the finest rolex repair available. Their true CW-21 Certified Watchmakers use only authentic factory parts and offer impeccable service with very attractive pricing.

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