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Coffee has become my best friend ever since the college sleepless nights and visiting different coffee shops nowadays is on my bucket list. Surely this Cafe+  was on my list in a long while now, but since the location is out of the way, I wasn't able to come and visit it whenever I like to. One fine evening my cousins asked me to go out with them and as soon as I realized they're going there, I'm good to go (so eager little girl). Actually, we arrived almost closing time, but gladly they still managed to get our order. The one thing that I admired most in this coffee shop is the way they present their products, very tempting and toothsome. I'm telling you that waffle we ordered was good for 2-3 people, (if you guys are really not hungry that much) the serving amount is worth the price you'll pay. They served hot and cold drinks, but I opted for cold that night and I am looking forward to have a taste of their hot drinks. PS: The strawberry cheesecake was heavenly delicious. 
I will surely visit them again soon. 


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  1. mmmm yummy!!!! Have a great day
    New post in my blog

  2. yummers!
    i love drinking in mason jars
    they make the experience more unique.

    Ms. Kei


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