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Le paborito. Hot Caramel Macchiato.
Up! Up! Up there baby. I was there and you were somewhere. *dreaming*
Ahhh. Adam to Mia. #WhereSheWent

Yes, coffee.
Black lace, Eyebrow essential.
Diamond & Spikes.
That was a FREE banana split from pizza hut. ;)

Beach bum.

It's time again for another hot CM. ;)

A few weeks ago, I decided to turn my second instagram account into an all-black-and-white posts. I was inspired by some amazing IG-ers that post such style. Well, there is another reason why I post this way, and it is to keep the life of those snapshots hidden hence letting my viewers appreciate the beauty of its simplicity. Oh, and I'd love to wonder how they will perceive the vividness of  each post. I'm no good in photography but I'm trying my best to capture each photos beautifully. I hope you liked them and would you mind paying a visit on my instagram account, just go here: @styleanddaydreams. Happy long weekend, my loves! Expect that I will be flooding your dashes with my Bolinao Trip posts. 


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