Sunday Style Inspiration - Forget The Rules


(The photos are all from Tumblr dashboard, credits to their respective owner.)

Sunday has come too fast, but luckily for me, it's a long weekend so Monday and I can chill a little longer. I'm beaming right now not only because of Monday off, but also because I am literally updating my blog this weekend and as well preparing  a few drafts for the coming week to keep my blog SAD alive. There'll be a few new segments of post each day, I really do hope that I can always catch up with my plans. So for now I hope that you found those photos inspiring. I was gaga over the basics and black and white style. How about you? What's your current trend? I'd love to read your comment so better leave one down the comment box. And no matter what trend you're going, flaunt it. You own your runway anyway. Agree?


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