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Hmm. A slogan I just saw printed on the back shirt of the person I was seated beside with last Monday morning. A thought that made me wondered on my way to work. Good question isn't? We, the people, few or most of us do judge each other in a sort of way initially. Don't tell me you don't, because you're not lying to me, but to yourself instead. Anyhow, to explain further, there's always a good and not so good judgement so don't be defensive, dear. We tend to judge people the way they wear clothes, the way they talk and whatever way you noticed them. I do admit, I in a way is quite a judgmental person, but I do try by best to rationalize every judgement I made or spit, I initiate and make it possible to be always a good one, but sometimes I can't control the bitch persona in me. So why am I writing down my thoughts? It's just that I realized that me as a person as well is being judged, in a bizarre way.

People will always judge you, let them be. As long as you don't dwell on the negatives and take as compliments the positives.  Well, as far as we both know, you know yourself better than anyone else, right? So live your life the way you wanted. Enjoy every second because you can't take it back. Life's a crazy roller coaster ride, but maybe you have a way to lessen- or shorten the downward loop and be always on the top. As Augustus said, I'm on a roller coaster ride that only goes up. And you do need to remember, you cannot please everybody.

And the perfect song I have for you here is *drum-rolls*


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