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Hi! I just wanted to share an adventure from a long time ago, that time when I went to Sandbox with my cousins. Have you been there? If yes, you're surely aware why it is called SAND-box. ;) Literally a grand box filled with sand. Mind you, it's an open place so brace yourselves of how hot it can get there. 
SandBox at Alviera is a unique getaway for families that redefines outdoor adventure and fun. It features a full stretch of exciting attractions that will surely make everyone appreciate the outdoors. Everyone in the family has something to do here from playground for the toddlers to Mini Golf for the grandparents! With a mountain range along the horizon and the surrounding wide plains, SandBox is definitely the place for family outdoor fun! (-Alvierra Sandbox)

Here are the attractions you can find there:

  • Giant Swing
  • Aerial Walk Challenge
  • Avatar One
  • Adventure Tower
  • ATV and mini-ATV rides
  • Outdoor Archery
Please see picture below for the  prices individually or by package deal:

My initial advice if you are planning to go there is that for you to come really early because there are just enough slot for every attraction due to queuing and waiting time. Sadly, we missed to experience the Aerial Walk Challenge (we're really aiming that, eh) because we arrived there between 9-10 AM, the place was almost full with tourist and adventure-seeker.  
And here are a few more advice I can give,  you must wear appropriate clothing, if you don't wanna get toasted/tanned do wear light long sleeves clothing. You must also bring water with you for hydration as I've said earlier it can really get so hot there. (But you are not allowed to bring drinks/foods inside) So you must grab something  in their canteen located at the entrance area. Their Iced cold drinks are very refreshing! I prefer wearing rubber shoes (too bad I wore my converse that time - it's not so comfy).  Also don't forget the sunblock, babe! ;)

Now here are our few photographic memory of the said trip. :)

@SM Clark - Jeep terminal (Jeep ride going to Alvierra Sandbox.)
We've arrived! Excited not so little girls!!!
I'm smiling, but actually worried about riding that Giant Swing on my right side. x_x
And the agony of waiting for our turn started here >_<
Getting all tied up for climbing that freaking wall!!!
I think this was taken before our turn -- all wide smile :)
I haven't even made it in the middle! Hahaha! The rocks in my area are very limited.  :P
One Group picture before we head to the next attraction

The calm before the storm!!!
My cousin requested for a higher dropping level!! I can't remember the feeling, but I guess I'm good to try it again if ever we'll be back there.
Almost over! It was fun!
We missed this! T_T

Am I ready to fall? Are you ready to catch me? Oooops. What am I even saying? This is FREE FALL! ;)

The Avatar One , the Philippines' first roller coaster zip-line!!! :D

And that ends this post! Till my next one, I hope you find this interesting somehow. You can share your experiences as well just leave it in the comment box below. Would love to know your kwento(s) as well! 

Kisses, J!

Location: Alvierra, Sandbox, Porac Access Rd, Porac, Pampanga, Philippines
We went there thru public transportation; 
From Malolos, Bulacan - Take a van going to Dau-Mabalacat, then from the terminal take a jeep going to SM Clark where the terminal of Jeep going to Porac is located. It will specifically dropped you guys at Alvierra Sandbox. (Hassle-free) But on our way home we rode a Tricycle going to the jeep terminal going Angeles.


  1. looks so fun! would love to experience the thrill and adventure <3

  2. I absolutely love the season for these things!? xxx You will like to see more fashion from here.

  3. Seems like a great experience! Wow it's been a while since you posted again too dear. Me too. Been on long hiatus but trying to get back now :)

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