Oui! It's good to finally be back!


Bonjour! It's 2017 or must I say it's halfway already, I decided to finally to go back on blogging. There are a lot of things I want to write and share, this time it isn't solely about beauty and fashion. This time it's everything about my life. Earlier today, I started by fixing my site through revamping my theme. *wohooo* Gladly, I found fearnecreativedesign and they are on sale so why not? I just tweaked a bit because I'm doomed with those html codes! It's been ages ago, love! I need a refresher course. ;) Anyway, after fixing my theme thingy I suddenly thought of checking my old blog posts. While checking, I thought of deleting a few, but suddenly realized it was part of my past experiences no matter how horrible it was (evil laugh), right? So, let's keep them all... >.<  It can give me comfort in the future one way or another. After this post, I hope that I can regularly update this blog of mine for real. I'm planning on posting my earlier adventures and getaways. Also, I wanted to share my #kdrama addiction with everyone, who's up with that? I want to share as well few of my poetic writing (ow? for real) or should I just post it on anonymously on my other blog? Thoughts? I would love to share anything food related, too! What more else? Oh, those books I read, I hope to share them, too! Oh dear, let me have the courage to really be active this time! I'm kinda excited for this. And of course, I also want again to experience talking and sharing thoughts with all of my co-bloggers out there. So please be ready to read my thoughts on your blog posts and hopefully vice versa. I look forward to reading your thoughts soon! C'est tout! Blogue heureux!

Lots of Love, Jen!

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Lots of Love, Jen !

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